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special offers

Here's our list of used instruments. To see more details just click on the photos!

used extended alto shawm
nicolo shawm - extended alto renaissance shawm

Extended alto renaissance shawm in f with 4 keys - lowest playable note is c (like tenor shawm). The instrument is not marked - it may be made by Moeck/Steinkopf  in the 1960s. The instrument is well made and plays nicely. Due to some transports in a wooden case without any upholstery the upper part shows scratches and marks which have no effect on the playability. Fingering is nearly fully chromatic due to the german double hole system. So this is an occasion to get a nicely playing instrument incl. a new double reed for an affordable price.
This instrument is sold in the name of the owner. Please feel free to make an offer!

used bass curtal by Körber
bass curtal by Körber

bass curtal by Körber in very good condition and two bells - instrument can be played open or "gedackt". Including a new double reed
EUR 1580,-

All prices incl. VAT & excl. postage and packing. For any further information please don't hesitate to contact us!

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