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special offers

Here's our list of used instruments. To see more details just click on the photos!

used soprano renaissance shawm
soprano renaissance shawm by Körber

soprano renaissance shwam by Günter Körber incl. original case and new douvle reeds - in as new condition!

EUR 560,-
used extended tenor renaissance shawm
tenor renaissance shawm (bassett) by Günter Körber

extended tenor renaissance shawm with 4 keys. The shawm has a strong majestic sound. Due to the extension the lowest note is G (just one note higher than a bass shawm without extension)
condition as new
EUR 1250,-

used tenor curtal by Moeck
tenor curtal by Moeck

This tenor curtal is made from nicely flamed maple. It has two keys and a ring for neck support. The curtal can be played open and gedackt. There are some minor marks that can be hardly seen due tu the structure of the wood. A decorative instrument in fully playable condition!
EUR 800,-
used soprano crumhorn by Moeck
soprano crumhorn by Moeck

soprano crumhorn by Moeck (old model) in good condition with two keys and the original cardboard box. The instrument was often used for some time and kept in good care.
EUR 320,-
cornetto in g (440Hz)
cornett "G2" in ebony resin by CMI

treble cornetto in g by Christopher Monk Instruments, model "G2" in leather covered ebony resin (a=440Hz) incl. 1 mouthpiece in horn
condition as new
EUR 340,-
used soprano rauschpfeife by Körber
soprano rauschpfeife by Körber

This rauschpfeife in c is in a "as new" condition has been hardly played. It comes incl. a new double reed.
EUR 320,-

All prices incl. VAT & excl. postage and packing. For any further information please don't hesitate to contact us!

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