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Rebec Virdung

We´ve extended our range of products! Since we have already built up two new homepages specialised on viols (www.gambe.de) and soft cases for hurdy gurdies (www.drehleiertaschen.de) it was time now to redesign our major homepage. And here´s the result!

The construction works have not come to an end and we hope to be soon able to present you more and better photos. The start is done: in the “special offers”-section all used instruments are not only described but also shown in at least two photos!

There are two ways to explore our homepage:
1.) Just click on the “go on” button and you´ll be automatically guided through all our pages!
   You can find this in on the right side on the end of each page
2.) Of course you can make your own way. Just use the menu on the left or the links on the end of this page!


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last update: February 29th 2012

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