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Lyversberger Fidel
The Lyversberger Fidel

This 4-stringed fidel is based on the painting “the coronation of the virgin” by an unknown artist (ca. 1470) which can today be found in the “Alte Pinakothek” in Munich, Germany. The peg case is open from the underside. Back, sides and neck are made from sycamore, tail piece and finger board from plane. The unusually formed bridge allows melodic play as well as accompanying yourself with a drone.
This instrument is tuned like a violin (g - d’- a’- e’’) and has gut strings.
As the string length is the same as the string length of a violin this instrument is ideal for all those who are playing the violin already and want a sound that is more typical for medieval and renaissance music.

For beginners this Fidel is also available with gut frets.
Lyversberger Fideln

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