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3-saitiger italienischer Rebec
italian rebec

In November 2000 Bernard Ellis died. The italian rebec may be the best known out of the wide range of musical instruments he produced in his workshop.

We aim to continue his work using his original patterns from his workshop. So we´re proud to be able to offer you his italian rebecs here again.

The body is carved from a single block of timber using pear wood, sycamore or european walnut. The finger board and tailpiece are made either from the same timber or can in contrasting timbers. It has a fine spruce top. For our rebecs we use gut strings only.

There are many sources for these rebecs, for example in the Uffices in Florence, Italy.

At the moment we offer 3 sizes of the italian rebec:
 - Soprano (d’- a’- e’’)
  - Alto (g - d’- a’)
  - Tenor (c - g - d’)
3-saitige Rebecs
A bass instrument is in preparation! Other tunings are available on request (for example tenor in G - d - a)

For violin players we recommend the alto size as this one has the same string length as a violin. Alto and tenor are also available with 4 strings (tuning like violin or viola).
For beginners rebecs with gut frets are available as well.
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