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Some information about us!

Dear friends of early music!

Thank you very much for your visit! I hope we were able to present an attractive selection of musical instruments. As you will have mentioned we´re still in extending our range. This takes time as we don´t want to offer instruments which can be only used as a wall decoration. Quality and playability are very important for us. It regard it as a standard to have a very carefull look on all the instruments going through our hands - not only those coming from our own workshop. This gives you the garanty to get a solid built and comfortable to play musical instrument.

Most of the instruments we offer are made in small series in workshops in Germany and other european countries. This might cause waiting times. On the other handside this gives you the chance to order the instrument you really need. We´ll do our best to help finding the right instrument for you.

A word to the formal things: Selling on the internet is more and more common. But we believe in the old trading traditions which keeps us from opening one more online shop where you can just select by the help of a short information before you click to take the item to your cart. We prefer to get in contact with our customers to discuss their wishes. You can send us a request or order by e-mail, fax or phone call. For customized instruments or special orders we may ask for deposit of about 20% of the complete order. As soon as the instrument is ready for delivery we´ll send you another invoice asking for the rest of the money. I´m sorry but due to some bad experiences we don´t deliver any goods anymore to other countries without prepayment. In the case that an instrument can´t be delivered the deposit will be refunded.

If you have any suggestion, questions or wishes please don´t hesitate to contact us. Your requests are welcome!

with best regards

Christoph Waidler

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