Rebec after Sebastian Virdung

Rebec Virdung

This rebec is based on an illustration by Sebastian Virdungs (“musica getutscht” von 1511). This is the first scientific book about music in german language.

This rebec has a very clear shape and a limited decoration: Dominating is just the wide finger board with its very special lower end and the open scroll.

We build this rebec from a solid block of european walnut, the top in contrasting fine spruce and the pegs from european boxwood. The instrument is tuned as an alto in 5ths (g - d’- a’) using only gut strings.

Acoording to the picture on the right we offer the a round bow especially made after this to give a whole “Virdung set”.

On the right you can see a picture from Martin Agricolas “Musica Instrumentalis” which is based on the Virdung book. It shows a complete set of four rebecs from soprano to bass. At the moment we´re working to extend our range to be able to offer you this compete set of rebecs.

Photos are available on requests. As soon as we have high quality photos we´ll present them here. Requests are already welcome!

Rebecs nach Martin Agricola


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