Percussio Antiqua

Percussio antiqua means percussion instruments based on original instruments. The body of these rope tension drums are made out of several layers of thin wood to give as much stability and resonance as possible. They are finished in antique walnut. The drums come with a real hemp rope, real leather tuning sloaps and a calf felt.
We offer two series of these drums. The different drums of each seris are dimensioned that way that they fit into each other which makes the tranport very comfortable.

Series 1



diameter ca. 26cm / 10 inch, 7 leather sloaps, ca. 1,4 kg


diameter ca. 33cm / 13 inch, 9 leather sloaps, ca. 1,8 kg


diameter ca. 41cm / 16 inch, 12 leather sloaps, ca. 2,5 kg

Schnurtrommeln liegend

Serie2 II



diameter ca. 31cm / 12inch, 8 leather sloaps


diameter ca. 36cm / 14 inch, 10 leather sloaps


diameter ca. 46cm / 18 inch, 14 leather sloaps

Schnurtrommel mit Doppelfell

All drums are available with two calf felts on request (see photo on the right)

Drums with diameter 36cm and 41cm are also available with plastic felt.

Of course all drums are available seperately. For bass drums form both series we offer a padded transport gig bag giving space for the complete series of drums (gig bag incl. handle, felt protection and shoulder strap).


Nakers can be used either in combination with a drum or as solo percussion instruments. They have a hammered copper kettle with a diameter of about 20cm (8 inch) and have calf felts that can be tuned by 12 handmade leather sloaps. In Germany these instruments are called “Gürtelpauken” which means “belt kettle drums” - as this name says they can be played hanging in a belt around your belly. They come with a pair of wooden beaters. A sblack metall stand is available for these instruments as well.

A much beloved percussion instrument during the middle ages was the tabor or “one hand drum”. It is helt by a leather strap around the wrest and played with a single beater only that is helt on the same handside. This was the perfect accompaniment for a one hand whistle - a medieval “one man orchestra”!

The tabor has a diameter of about 30cm (12 inch) and has two calf felts. Special on this drum is a gut string that can be regulated by violin pegs. This string enlongates the sound and reminds on a little on a modern snare drum.

The tabor comes with one beater. Of course this instrument can also be played with the hands or two beaters. There´s a padded bag available for this drum as well. .



The straw fiddle or “Hultzen G’lachter” (old german for “wooden laughter) is a Xylophone with a range of 3 1/2 octaves, which is placed on 5 straw rolls (see Michael Praetorius “Syntagma Musicum II). The single sticks are linked by metall ropes so the instrument can be folded for easy transport. The instrument comes with a pair of wooden beaters.

As it is getting harder and harder to get straw in the needed length the instrument comes with a wooden replacement instead.

more percussion instruments like baroque kettle drums on request!

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