Rundbogen Virdung

A round bow as it can be found in many historic illustrations and paintings. It is ideal for the use with rebecs and fidels, for beginners and advanced players. The frog is fixed. For this bow we use black horse hair - strong and rather rough to enable the bow to create a good sound with only a few hair touching the string (compared to a bow with white hair the number of hair touching the string is much smaller because the blak hair is thicker than white hair). We deliver this bow in several lenghts from 60cm (24 inch) for soprano rebecs up to 72cm (28 inch) for bass rebecs. Other lengths and models (for example a round bow after Codex Manesse or Virdung) are available on request.

Viol- and Violin bows in baroque form made from brasil, pernambucco or snakewood (plain or figured) are always in stock. We supply these bows in different qualities, weights and lenghts from different manufacturers.

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Barockbogen Barockogen Details

The bows shown here are only examples. Please ask four our special bow list with many more photos and information than it could be procided here on the side!

Cases and soft cases

Taschen Rebecs

Our soft cases for rebecs are available in three sizes. All are padded, have an inlay in the top and back, a handle and shoulder strap as well as an extra pocket for a bow.
If you need a rebec from another maker: no problem. Just tell us the dimensions of your instrument and bow and we´ll deliver a suitable bag for your instrument.

Taschen für Rebecs (offen)
Taschen & Koffer für Fideln
Taschen für Fideln

For the Munich fidel and Violins as well we offer a simple violin case (with shoulder strap, cover with back pack straps is also available) and a padded bag incl. back pack straps, a removable bag for sheet music. Space for the bow can be found in a removable tube that gives maximum protection for the bow.

For Memling Fidels and Citole a padded soft case with handle and shoulder strap (for Fidel incl. pocket for bow) is available.

Taschen für Gamben

We stock padded bags for viols in many sizes. They are made from fabrics loke they are used for back packs, are foam padded, have seperate pockets for bows and straps to use them as back packs. The colour of all our bags is black. Of course we stock solid hard cases for viols as well.

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Taschen für Drehleiern

As well we´ve extended our range of gig bags and soft cases for hurdy-gurdies. For a better presentation we´ve decided to present these on a new homepage. You can find these under

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